Relocation, Packing and Moving Guidelines

Following these guidelines will ensure the successful completion of your move. Contact DMM if you have further questions or concerns. Communication is key!

  • Begin NOW to review storerooms and remove unnecessary items.
  • Vertical File Cabinets DO NOT have to be emptied.
  • Lateral File Cabinets must be emptied.
  • If you do NOT have file cabinet keys... put masking tape around the lock to prevent accidental locking of the unit.
  • If you are returning to a modernized facility from a holding facility your files will be transferred to new file cabinets upon your arrival.
  • Office desks must be emptied and contents packed.
  • Bookcases must be emptied and contents packed.
  • Box all materials and label the SIDE (not top) of each box with staff name.
  • Tag all equipment with staff name.
  •     **Do NOT use box labels on furniture or equipment! They don't peel off!**
  • Tape, boxes and box labels are available upon request.
  • Copiers must be serviced for a move. BCE will move them. We will coordinate the timing of the move with the vendor.
  • Wrap cords and assign a system number to each computer and all equipment belonging to each system (i.e. monitor, hard drive, printer, etc.)
  • Vending machines (not MCPS owned) must be moved by company.
  • Staff members should move their own personal items. We will move any remaining personal items, but we can NOT be responsible for them.
  • The media collection will be moved on carts... DO NOT PACK!
  • The Division of Maintenance will assist you with the disconnection of any furniture and/or equipment as needed for relocation.
  • Label all items to be moved.

Summer Teacher Transfer Assistance

Changing schools over the summer? Complete the Summer Teacher Transfer Moving Assistance Request and we'll schedule your move.