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Non-School-Based Offices

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We serve offices as well as schools! Although schools are the largest users of services, the Department of Materials Management wants you to know that we haven't forgotten our non-school-based friends.

What Can DMM Do for Me?

From daily Pony delivery to shredding, DMM is in non-school-based offices every day. Think of us for your needs in the following areas:

  • Need specialty printing? The Print Shop is here for you! We print color flyers, presentation materials, even vinyl banners. See all we offer on the Custom Printing page. It's not just for schools!
  • Warehouse Orders. The warehouse houses more than paper towels and tissue boxes! Search the Business hub when ordering office supplies. Office favorites include dry-erase markers, binders, sheet protectors, post-its notes, Post-it easel pads, correction tape, and so much more.
  • Need to return or replace ordered supplies? See the Returns page.
  • Shredding. Submit a Shredding Request form and we'll come get your boxes of papers to be shredded..
  • Office Moves. Moving to a new office space? Contact us for help with moving boxes and furniture. Find more information on the Relocation Guidelines page.
  • Pony. Inter-office mail is delivered daily to most office locations. See the Pony schedule and tips on the Mail/Pony Service page.
  • Catering. Think Food Services first! Call 240-740-7400 for more information.
  • Editorial and Graphics. Yes, Editorial, Graphics & Publishing Services is a part of DMM and serves all of MCPS.