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Student Records Transfer

To ensure the confidentiality of all student records, please follow the procedures outlined below:

Confidential Records

Transferring student records in boxes or envelopes from one MCPS school to another:

  • Contact the receiving school/office before sending student records to inform them about the contents, purpose, and expected delivery date.
  • Ensure that each box is labeled and use a black permanent marker to complete the blue label (226-15B) and place it on the small end of the box/envelope. If you need additional labels, click here.

 Please contact Kari Lantos in the Records Unit to request boxes.


Transferring student records to Central Records for storage:

  • Fill out Form 365-10 and send it to the Records Unit, Concord Center, Attention: Kari Lantos.
  • Ensure that each box is labeled with the name of the Department/Office, the sender's name, specific details about the box's contents, and a disposal date.


For special pickup and delivery service please send an email to