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 Inventory & Surplus


Inventory & Barcoding

*Chromebooks and Lenovo tablets receive barcode labels but are not tracked in Fixed Assets - they must be tracked through the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and locally at each location.


Please use the following forms to ADD, DELETE, RETIRE, or TRANSFER Inventoried Items

Please attach purchase documentation for the assets (purchase order or invoice), and send via email or Pony mail to Brenda Walburn, Property Control Specialist, at the DMM Supply Warehouse. Keep a copy for your records! 
In accordance with Regulation EDC-RA, every school is inventoried every other year. You will be notified in early June if your school or location is due for a summer inventory. 
For questions about inventory and barcoding, or a copy of your FIXED ASSET LIST, please email Brenda Walburn, Property Control Specialist, or call 240-740-5160.

Items that must be barcoded

Items that Are not barcoded

(These go on your Local School Inventory)


  • All Equipment over $5,000
  • Art Equipment over $1,000
  • A/V Equipment over $1,000
  • Building Service Equipment over $150 (including tractors and lawnmowers)
  • Cafeteria Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Camcorders over $500
  • Computers, iPads, Laptops & Tablets
  • Copiers over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Digital Cameras over $500
  • Flat Screen Televisions and Flat Panels over $500
  • Industrial Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Kilns over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • LCD Projectors over $500
  • Monitors (over $1000)
  • Music Equipment including Pianos over $1,000
  • Office Equipment over $500
  • P.E. Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Printers (including 3D) and Scanners over $500
  • Science Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Studio Equipment over $1,000
  • Vehicles (Auto, Bus, Gator, Golf Carts, Trucks)-Direct Ship
  • VR Headsets
  • E-Readers
  • External Drives
  • Flex Cams
  • Furniture
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Modems
  • Monitors (under $1000)
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Scoreboards

*Direct Ship indicates that the item will be sent to the     school/location (not the Supply Warehouse).

*Gas Powered equipment will be shipped directly to the Division of Maintenance and Operations heavy equipment shop at the central M&O center. All other items will be shipped directly to the DMM Supply Warehouse.