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Surplus requests 


Request surplus furniture 

Request Surplus Furniture  Our surplus inventory of gently used furniture comes from our schools and is constantly changing. We deliver to you automatically should the items requested become available! Requests are kept on file for one calendar year. Please note this form is not to be used for replacement of old furniture.


Request surplus pickup for furniture, equipment, and shredding

Surplus Pickup Request Form

Be sure to check with everyone in your school who may have surplus for pickup (media center, building services, etc.). Note that requests may only be submitted by an administrator, administrative secretary, building service manager, business administrator or financial specialist.

Shredding is picked up regularly at schools during the summer months, according to the Summer Surplus Pickup Schedule. During the school year, you can use this form for shredding only, or include your shredding pickup request with a comprehensive Surplus Pickup Request form.

Non-school-based offices and schools with need for a special pickup for shredding should complete this form.

Boxes of papers for shredding should not exceed 50 lbs.

Mark all sides of each box with "TO BE SHREDDED" and secure the lid with packing tape. DMM will pick up the boxes as time allows, or on a surplus pickup date

Summer 2024 Surplus Pickup Schedule

Summer 2024 Surplus Pickup Schedule 

Prepare for your surplus pickup: Best Practices

Have all items ready in one location on the first floor.

Make sure the building service manager (BSM) knows the location of all surplus materials. The BSM is our contact person when the drivers arrive for pickup.

Media Center and 10-month staff should inform the BSM about any surplus materials in other locations.

Please limit the weight of boxes to 100 lbs. or less.

Acceptable items for surplus: Furniture, Books, Curriculum, Shredding, Ink or Toner to be recycled, and AV Equipment

Unacceptable items: Trash, PPE, Wax, Floor Stripper, Paint, Ceiling Tile, Floor Tile, Construction Materials, Bulbs or Ballasts, Propane Cylinders, Tires, Air Filters, Lumber, Pianos, Scrubbers or Burnishers

If you need to change the date of your scheduled surplus pick up, please contact our DMM Logistics Specialist Wayne Graham.


Chromebook carts and promethean boards – please contact

Pianos – please contact

Air filters, scrubbers, burnishers or other non-surplus items– please contact the Division of Maintenance

Still have questions about Surplus Furniture & Equipment? Please email us for further assistance.