News in 90 07-31-15

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Summer Johns Hopkins Program Teaches Engineering

Students in the summer Johns Hopkins University Engineering Innovation program learned a variety of engineering concepts culminating in a bridge building competition constructed from nothing more than spaghetti and glue. More than 2300 students over the last nine years have participated and more than 93% go on to study engineering in college.

JHU Engineering Innovation

Summer is a Great Time for Student Service Learning

Summer is a great time for students to get involved in a service-learning project and earn Student Service Learning (SSL) hours. The state of Maryland requires students to earn 75 SSL hours in order to graduate. Students can begin collecting those hours the summer before 6th grade.

SSL Hours

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The Strategic Planning Framework

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Give Back Packs

Learn how you can support the MCPS Give Backpacks Campaign

District Implementation Plan

The District Implementation Plan for the MCPS Strategic Planning Framework

Guidelines for Respecting Religious Diversity

These guidelines were created to be a quick, easy-to-read reference regarding Board of Education policies and MCPS regulations–Learn more.