Student Service Learning

NEW Student Service Learning Guide

The Student Service Learning Guide For Students and Families has been updated for the 2018-2019 school year. Please refer to the important information included in the guide, including how to find community organizations and opportunities for SSL.

Systemwide Student Documentation Timeline
Time Frame of Service Documentation Due Date
Service completed during the summer September 28, 2018
Service completed during the summer and 1st semester January 4, 2019
Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester June 7, 2019

All SSL Forms for service completed any time during the current school year and the summer before the current school year are REQUIRED to be submitted to the school SSL coordinator no later than the first Friday in June.

Systemwide SSL Award Timeline
Award Documentation Due Date
Documentation that qualifies seniors for Certificates of Meritorious Service April 5, 2019
Documentation that qualifies middle school students for the Superintendent’s SSL Award.* April 5, 2019

*This award is given to students who meet the 75 hour graduation requirement during middle school and is only awarded once.

Summer Pre-Approval Requests

Nonprofit organizations that are not identified with a graduation cap graduation cap on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center website require pre-approval.

The MCPS Form 560-50, Individual Student Service Learning Request, must be submitted and approved by the school-based SSL Coordinator in advance of service. All pre-approval requests must be submitted in a timely manner. There is a two-week allowance for school-based SSL Coordinators to review the request for approval or denial based on compliance with MCPS SSL Program.



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Full contest rules and submission form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find MCPS SSL Opportunities: A graduation cap graduation cap indicates organizations or opportunities that meet MCPS SSL guidelines.

Students: DO NOT use as your contact information when registering. Please use another email or phone number.

SSL Forms

SSL Activity Verification Form 560-51

Individual SSL Request Form 560-50: Required if the organization or opportunity is not identified on the MCVC website with a graduation cap  graduation cap

Contact Us

For student-specific SSL questions: Contact the school-based SSL coordinator. 

General questions about the MCPS SSL program: Contact Mrs. Shella Cherry or Ms. Lakeshia Adamson at 301-279-3454 or