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Special Education

Summer Events for Families in Montgomery County

The goal of this summer bulletin is to provide you with information on some of the internal and external events during this summer that are specifically designed for families who have children with an IEP throughout Montgomery County, MD.

If you would like to learn more about an event or share information on other workshops or organizations, please contact the FSC at


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New Dual Certification Program for Paraprofessionals in MCPS

Towson University is starting a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education, Dual Certification Program, for eligible paraprofessionals currently employed by MCPS. USG, for its part, will pay the remaining tuition cost of the program for all participants not covered by the MCPS tuition contribution.

Under the new initiative, which will run through FY2028, USG will fund two cohorts of up to 20 students each, with the degree program designed to equip paraprofessionals with the necessary skills and credentials to transition into certified teachers. Participants will all be current employees of MCPS, each of whom will continue in their current paid MCPS positions while enrolled. A mix of in-person and remote learning instruction will be provided, with all in-person instruction taking place on the USG campus in Rockville.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Language Processing

Researchers are studying the brain’s response to language and sound to measure how different parts of the brain communicate. This study is enrolling teens ages 14 to 17 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The study is conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD. Some of the procedures may be conducted virtually. There is no cost to participate and compensation is provided.

301-435-0845, TTY:711, Refer to Study #20-M-0159 (Pediatric Studies / Autism)




Family Support


Contact Us

Office of Special Education
Ms. Diana K. Wyles, Associate Superintendent:    (240) 740-3042 

Office of Special Education
Ms. Brenda B. Browne, Assistant to Associate Superintendent: (240) 740-3038 

Department of Special Education Services
Mrs. Kia Middleton-Murphy, Director: (240) 740-3900

Division of Special Education Prekindergarten, Programs and Services
Mrs. Amy S. Cropp, Director: (240) 740-3880 

Division of Business, Fiscal and Information Systems
Mrs. Julie S. Hall, Director: (240) 740-3850 

Central Placement Unit
Ms. Joanne C. Hoffman, Supervisor: (240) 740-3830

Resolution & Compliance Unit
Mr. Gerald L. Loiacono, Supervisor: (240) 740-3230 

Family Support Center
Ms. MaryBeth Mantzouranis: (240) 753-9487

The MSDE Family Support Section of the Family Support and Dispute Resolution Branch, responds to parent inquiries, assists parents with navigating Maryland's early intervention and special education systems, and provides parents with school system resources. 

Maryland State Department of Education, Early Intervention and Special Education Services 

Mr. Ken Hudock, Section Chief, Family Support Services: (410) 767-0255 or 

Frequently Visited

Office of Special Education

The Mission of the Office of Special Education (OSE) is to provide, implement, and monitor the delivery of a seamless continuum of services for students with disabilities from birth through age 21, to prepare for college, career, and community readiness. OSE supports schools to ensure the success of every student with disabilities by supporting families through the IEP process and in their student’s education.

MCPS provides a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to all students with disabilities in need of special education and related services. 



MCPS Services to Support Families

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In support of the core values of the MCPS strategic planning framework and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA), OSE is committed to promoting improved academic achievement and social emotional success for all students with disabilities. Parents/guardians are valued partners with school staff members in planning the student’s services through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) decision-making process. All decisions regarding the placement of a student with a disability will be made by an IEP team in collaboration with parents/guardians consistent with the requirements of the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Services by Age Group

MCPS Family Support Center

MCPS Family Support Center seeks to:

  • Increase parental involvement in the early intervention and special education decision making process.
  • Increase collaborative relationships through information and training.
  • Assist families in resolving concerns and making informed decisions regarding their child's education.
  • Provide information about disabilities and school system and community resources.

MSDE Family Support and Dispute Resolution Branch

MSDE Family Support Section of the Family Support and Dispute Resolution Branch, responds to parent inquiries, assists parents with navigating Maryland's early intervention and special education systems, and provides parents with school system resources.

Parents' Guide to Habilitative Services (English) |  Spanish

IDEA Dispute Resolution Processes Comparison Chart

Parent Information Series on Procedural Safeguards

Maryland Procedural Safeguards Notice

Procedural Safeguards/Parent Rights Brochure

Special Education State Complaint Resolution Procedures

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Polish |  Portuguese |  Russian |  Spanish |  Tagalog |  Urdu |  Vietnamese

State Complaint Form (Part B)

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Polish |  Portuguese |  Russian |  Spanish |  Tagalog |  Urdu  Vietnamese

State Complaint Form - Part C

Request for Mediation and Due Process Complaint Form

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Portuguese |  Russian | Spanish |  Tagalog |  Urdu |  Vietnamese

Listing of Free or Low Cost Assistance for Special Education Disputes

A Parent’s Guide to Frequently Asked Questions about Special Education State Complaints

A Parent's Guide to Frequently Asked Questions about Special Education Mediation

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Polish |  Portuguese |  Russian |  Spanish |  Tagalog |  Urdu |  Vietnamese

A Parent's Guide to Frequently Asked Questions about Special Education Due Process Complaints

Amharic | Arabic |  Chinese |  French |  Haitian |  Korean |

Polish |  Portuguese |  Russian |  Spanish |  Tagalog |  Urdu |  Vietnamese

Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Incident Reporting 

Upon receipt of MCPS Form 230-35, Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form, the school principal/designee must promptly conduct an adequate, reliable, and impartial investigation. The investigation must be documented by completing this form. Principal/Designee must use this form, MCPS Form 230-36, Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Investigation Form, to promptly and appropriately investigate reports of bullying, harassment, or intimidation consistent with due process rights, within two school days after receipt of a reporting form or as timely as possible for school administration or administrative designee.