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Special Education

Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program (MCITP)

1401 Rockville Pike
Suite: 200
Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: 240-777-3997
Fax: 240-777-3132

Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program (MCITP)

MCITP offers early intervention services to assist families with their efforts to address their children’s developmental and special needs. MCITP serves families with children between birth and the start of the school year following the fourth birthday. Upon eligibility assessment, each family is assigned to one of MCITP’s five regional sites in Montgomery County. Then, each family works with a team to define the priorities, learn about available resources, and discuss the child’s strengths and needs. You and your team will identify what you want for your child and how everyone will work together to achieve your family goals.
Early intervention services are provided in the child’s natural environment (home and community settings where a child is during the day). Services are based on each individual child’s and family’s needs and may include services such as special instruction, speech/language therapy, occupational and physical therapy, and family counseling.



Five Regional County Service Sites

Sites Contact Information Staff
Down County Site Sligo Middle School
1401 Dennis Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20902

Phone: 240-740-3290
Fax: 301-649-8266
Program Coordinator:  Ms. Lauren A. Mangrum 

Program Specialist:  Ms. Hillary Spivack

East County Site 19190 Olney Mill Road
Olney, MD 20832

Phone: 240-740-3400
Fax: 301-570-2886
Program Coordinator: Ms. Kathleen Toscano

Program Specialist: Mrs. Naina Schneiderman

Emory Grove Site Shady Grove Middle School
8100 Midcounty Highway
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Phone: 301-947-6000
Fax: 301-840-4656  
Program Coordinator: Ms. Tory Pegram 

Program Specialist: Mrs. Sarah Weinstein

Mid County Site English Manor
4511 Bestor Drive
Rockville, MD 20853

Phone: 240-740-2150
Fax: 301-871-0950
Program Coordinator: Mrs. Marie Marino

Specialist: Mrs. Christina D. Miller

Up County Site

12900 Middlebrook Rd.,

3rd floor, Suite 3300

Germantown, MD 20874

Phone: 301-353-0972
Fax: 301-601-0386

Program Coordinator: Mrs. Nancy L. Hiltbrand 

Program Specialist: Mrs. Sara L. Charles