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Special Education

Private Parochial Schools

Mrs. Anna E. Szilagyi-Weichbrod, Instructional Specialist

Office Location:
Carver Educational Services Center
850 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 240-740-3855
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Private Parochial Schools

Division of Business, Fiscal, and information Systems (DBFIS) supervises the implementation of Child Find procedures for students whose parents choose to enroll their children in Private Parochial Schools. In addition, DBFIS oversees the countywide summer assessment process to support schools in conducting IEP procedures within mandated timelines for students who attend Private Parochial Schools and seek special education screening or services in Montgomery County Public Schools.

What We Do

  • Answer questions from parents and staff related to the Private Parochial School processes
  • Help facilitate the special education screening process between private school parents and MCPS schools
  • Provide summer assessment for special education screening
  • Act as a liaison between the Private Parochial Schools and MCPS schools
  • Provide professional development to both MCPS and Private Parochial School administrators, staff, and parents

Special Education Referrals

If you are the parent/guardian of a private/parochial school student ages 5-21 years and would like to start the Child Find special education referral process, please contact Anna E. Szilagyi-Weichbrod to obtain a full referral packet. Any questions and/or concerns related to the private/parochial referral process can also be addressed to Anna E. Szilagyi-Weichbrod via e-mail.