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Psychological Services MCPS

Special Education

Autism Spectrum Disorders Services

Mrs. Kristin M. Secan, Supervisor
Ms. Chelsea A Campbell, Program Secretary

Office Location:
Spring Mill Field Office
11721 Kemp Mill Road
Silver Spring, MD 20902

Phone: 240-740-5930
Fax: 301-593-3795
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Comprehensive Autism Preschool Program (CAPP) 

The Comprehensive Autism Preschool Program (CAPP) provides intensive and individualized services for students ages 3–5. These students require a full day of evidence-based instructional practices and behavioral supports. The program focus is to increase language, learning and adaptive skills to ultimately provide access to a variety of school-aged services and to maximize independence in all domains.


Classic Autism K - 12 (age 21)

Autism Services for students, elementary through age 21, provide access to Alternate Academic Learning Outcomes aligned with MCPS curricula. Students receive intensive instruction based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Instruction is delivered in a highly structured setting to improve learning and communication that provides inclusive opportunities with nondisabled peers. At the secondary level, students also receive vocational and community support as they work toward a Maryland High School Certificate. 


Secondary Autism Resource Services (ARS)

Secondary Autism Resource Services, located in three middle and three high schools, are designed for students with ASD who are working toward a high school diploma and have difficulty mastering grade-level curriculum. The students require an adjusted pace and individual accommodations representative of the needs and characteristics of students with ASD. Students receive instruction in the general education curriculum with the supports indicated on their IEPs. 


Autism Connections

Autism Connections is located in two elementary, two middle, and two high schools. The program is designed for students in grades 1 - 12 who are accessing the general education on or above grade level, who require specialized instruction to address social and/or executive functioning needs. Services provide students with instruction and accommodations that facilitate appropriate access to instruction in the least-restrictive environment, which may include access to acceleration and enrichment.