2021 Operating BUdget CoverFY 2021 Operating Budget

FY 2021 Operating Budget 

Board of Education Recommended Operating Budget Public Hearings

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Our Investment in Students: Excellence and Equity

MCPS is committed to providing every student with the access, opportunity and resources needed to unleash their full potential. Below is a summary of past, present and future investments to fulfill this commitment. Each year builds on the investments from the previous years.

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Our Investment in Students: Excellence and Equity  

operating budget recommendedSuperintendent's Recommended FY 2021 Operating Budget

The budget recommendation continues the focus on students, classrooms and schools. It includes an increase that will fund services for a growing number of students, the costs of operating the school system, and strategic key bodies of work.

FY 2021 Superintendent's Recommended Operating Budget

FY 2021 Recommended Operating Budget Presentation

This video program was originally broadcast live on Dec. 18, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.