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The Office of Finance (OOF) facilitates the alignment of the district strategic priorities with financial resources that results in MCPS providing the highest quality education and opportunities for all students to succeed.

What We Do

Employee and Retiree Services Center   Learn More

ERSC is a single point of contact for employees and retirees for information about compensation and benefits. ERSC provides administration of employee programs such as payroll, health and retirement benefits, leave, salary administration, and workforce reporting. Smooth and effective operations of these functions are critical to provide prompt and accurate responses for employees’ questions and needs. ERSC operates a call center, transactions unit, and communications program; provides support for policy implementation; and continually expands the use of technology to improve service and efficiency. The introduction and continued expansion of employee self-service applications have improved employee access to data, benefits enrollment, paystub, and tax forms, supporting employees’ ability to focus their efforts and attention on the needs of students and schools.

Financial Services   Learn More

The Division of Financial Services prepares the financial statements, statistical reports, and other accounting reports for the school district; completes financial statement and legislative audits; works with the state in their preparation of the annual financial report; prepares required federal, state, and other reports, including Every Student Succeeds Act and cost per pupil reports; manages federal, state, and other grants, including COVID-19 funding; coordinates system cash including the Centralized Investment Fund; provides accounting services to the MCPS Educational Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation, and provides for internal controls of all accounting activities. The Division of Controller processes accounting transactions; supports procurement card activity; collects amounts owed to MCPS; makes all payments on behalf of MCPS, administers the MCPS monthly closing and annual closing processes, collects the student extracurricular activity fund fee and manages the federal Impact Aid program.  The division serves as a single point of contact for IRS 1099 reporting, IRS payroll tax reporting, and the state escheatment process.  The division brings central services resources to support schools through support of the School Funds Online and Online School Payments systems. This central effort reduces burden on schools so that school-based employees can focus on the critical work of teaching and learning for all students. The Division of Investments is responsible for assisting the Board of Investment Trustees to implement, monitor, and manage the investment portfolio of the MCPS Employees' Retirement and Pension Systems.

Operating Budget Administration   Learn More

Through regular financial monitoring and data-driven analysis, OOF maintains controls for current-year revenues and expenditures to ensure that the operating budget is implemented as approved.

Operating Budget Development   Learn More

OOF provides guidance and support to executive staff and program managers on the preparation and formulation of the operating budget for MCPS.

Resource Allocation, Management, and Support   Learn More

OOF works closely with all offices and schools to implement a system to allocate resources to schools based on school, student, and program need.

Division of Procurement   Learn More

The Division of Procurement supports the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) mission, vision, and strategic goals by providing vendor contracts for schools and offices to purchase high-quality goods and services at reasonable costs.

Office Units

Resources to Learn More About MCPS's Finances

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MCPS Budget 101

Budget 101 provides an overview of what's in the MCPS operating budget. It shows where the funding comes from, how it's spent, and how individual schools are staffed.

Budget 2020

MCPS Operating Budget

The Budget site provides up-to-date information on the entire budget process, including the complete operating budget and personnel complement for each fiscal year.

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Open Data

The open data portal allows the public to search, sort and download information about the budget, facilities, enrollment, and school positions and costs.

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How Resources are Allocated to Schools

This section of the Budget 101 site explains how MCPS determines which schools will be allocated additional staff. Videos show how MCPS uses data and formulas to determine staffing allocations for each school.

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Schools at a Glance

Schools at a Glance provides information about enrollment, staffing, facilities, programs, outcome measures, and personnel costs for each school.

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Financial Reports

The Division of Financial Services website provides comprehensive and supplemental annual financial reports each year.

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MCPS Business Center

(MCPS Staff Only)

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The Office of Finance provides technical assistance to MCPS personnel seeking grants.