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ipad resources for Staff


Ordering iPads

When requesting iPads it is important to note that there are bulk discounts when purchasing in quantities of 10 (i.e. 10, 20, 30)


Ordering Apps

When requesting paid apps it is important to note that most paid apps have discounts for purchasing in quantities of 20 or more.


What to do with broken iPads

Accidents happen, it is important to know that any purchased apps can be recovered and transferred to a new iPad. 

Please email about the broken iPad, including the Serial Number and the App.
The Serial Number of the iPad is 12 characters found at the bottom back of the iPad OR in Settings > General > About > Serial Number.

Then bring the damaged iPad to CESC Room 221.



iPad Expectations

Approved App List

Technology Product Page

Requesting Apps: Form

Requesting iPads: Form


iPad Request Form

Please use this form for all Apple iPad purchase requests. 


App Request Form

Please use this form for all iPad App requests. 

Welcome to the Office of Special Education iPad Resource page for Staff

Here we will be going over iPad management and support in Special Education. 

  • Help with purchasing iPads
  • Help with purchasing Apps
  • Purchase and receive orders in MCPS Business Hub
  • Configuring iPads



Are iPads right for you?

Before deciding to purchase iPads for your special education student or program, you will need to consider how they meet your instructional needs and what funding source you will use to buy the iPads. In addition, you will need to budget for the apps you plan to use.

Requesting Apps that are not approved 

When requesting apps paid or free that are currently not approved in our Approved Online Digital Tools List  another form will need to be submitted in order to get that app approved: Online Digital Tools: Data Privacy Review 

Contact Us:

For any questions relating to iPads or Apps for iPads please send an submit a Help Desk Ticket using the iPad category