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Technology Resources

MCPS leverages a number of technology services and tools to support the core mission of the district: ensuring every student has the academic, creative problem solving, and social emotional skills to be successful in college and career. For our community, these tools serve as mechanisms to enhance teaching, learning, assessment, and system operations. We often partner with businesses and organizations to provide these services, core and supplemental, that may require the use of personally identifiable and/or confidential student information. When sensitive student information is necessary to provide the service, we will enter into a data sharing agreement with the vendor articulating the terms of use as part of the procurement and contracting process. MCPS continues to actively work to enhance our relationships with technology service providers.

If you discover a new online digital tool not listed below in the Online Digital Tools Database, please go to the Guideline, Safeguards, and Vetting page to learn more about the vetting process.

Online Digital Tool Usage Tiers



Approved for Student Use

Online digital tools where the vendor has been contracted by MCPS centrally to provide services to the district or the vendor has entered into a data sharing agreement with MCPS. If an online digital tool requires no account to be created in order to use its services, it may also be approved. 

Use Responsibly

Consider MCPS Recommendations

Online digital tools where the vendor has not yet been contracted by or entered in to a data sharing agreement with MCPS to provide services to the district. The tool has been vetted and should be used in accordance with the General Use Guidelines and any conditions outlined by MCPS.


Not Approved for Student Use

After evaluation, the tool did not adhere to the General Use Guidelines and should not be used with students or student data at this time.


Online Digital Tools Database