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Frequently Called Numbers

MCPS Numbers

Office Phone Number
General Information - MCPS Call Center 240-740-3000
Appeals and Transfers 240-740-4130
Athletics 240-740-5650
Board of Education 240-740-3030
Boundaries for School Attendance (9 a.m.–noon., M-F) 240-314-4700
Career and Postsecondary Partnerships 240-740-4044
Central Records (records of former students) 240-740-5270
Chief Academic Officer 240-740-3040
Chief of Staff 240-740-3015
Chief Operating Officer 240-740-3050
Child Find (developmental screening for children ages 3–5) 240-740-2170
Curriculum and Instructional Programs 240-740-3970
Department of Communications 240-740-2837
Department of Digital Innovation (technology integration and support) 240-740-5710
Department of Human Capital Management 301-279-3278
Department of Infrastructure and Operations (technical systems) 240-740-5656
Department of Compliance and Investigations 240-740-3215
Department of Labor and Relations  240-740-6320
Department of Systemwide Safety and Emergency 240-740-3066
District Operations 240-740-6245
Division of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction 240-740-3110
Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services (DCCAPS) 240-740-2540
Early Childhood Education (programs and services) 240-740-4530
Emergency Announcements (school closings, delayed openings, etc) 301-279-3673
Employee and Retiree Services Center 301-517-8100
Equity Initiatives Unit 240-740-4070
Employee Engagement and Labor Relations 240-740-2888
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) 240-740-4500
General Information—MCPS Call Center (AskMCPS) 240-740-3000
Help Desk 301-517-5800
Human Resources and Development (personnel services) 301-279-3940
International Admissions and Enrollment (residency) 240-740-4500
Language Assistance Services Unit (LASU) (translation and interpretation) 240-740-4050
Office of Finance 240-740-3160
Office of School Support and Well-Being 240-740-3100
Prekindergarten and Head Start 240-740-4530
Public Information and Web Services 240-740-2837
Reporting and Regulatory Accountability (policies and records) 240-740-5600
Restorative Justice 240-740-4014
Safe Schools Maryland Hotline 833-632-7233
School Meals 240-740-7400
School System Medical Officer 240-740-1619
Shared Accountability (research, data management, testing and reporting) 240-740-2930
Sign Language Interpreting Services 240-740-1800 or 1801
Special Education Services 240740-3042
Student and Family Support and Engagement 240-740-5630
Student Leadership, Volunteers and SSL 240-740-4692
Student, Family and School Services 240-740-4620
Summer School 240-740-3950
Superintendent of Schools 240-740-3020
Transportation 240-740-6200
Tuition Reimbursement 301-315-7383

Non-MCPS Numbers

Office Phone Number
Adult ESOL & Literacy- GED Program
Montgomery College Workforce Development & Continuing Education
Maryland General Assembly
Delegates and Senators in Annapolis
ICB Community
Use of Schools
Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals
SEIU Local 500
Service Employees International Union
Montgomery County Education Association
MCCPTA (9 a.m. to 2 p.m. school days)
MCCPTA MC Council of Parent Teacher Associations
Educational Systems FCU
Educational Systems Federal Credit Union