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Teacher Resources

 Teacher Resources

What Can DMM Do for You?

As a teacher, you don't have a lot of time to shop all over for supplies you need in your classroom today. We've compiled resources to make your life easier. 


In the MCPS Warehouse:

  • You will find our new warehouse catalog in the MCPS Business Hub on the purchasing page.
  • *Please note that warehouse catalog prices may differ from prices published on the Hub in some cases. Please use Hub pricing as  the correct pricing as you budget for your purchases.
  • To order items not in our Warehouse Catalog, please use the main catalog search bar in the MCPS Business Hub on the purchasing page. .

From Contract Suppliers: 
View Contract Summaries for everything from appliances to woodwind instrument repair.

Working with Excel Files:  
View this quick tutorial for tips on working with Excel files.

Music Teachers

Click here to ORDER music: ORDER Chorus Library Music

To view or print the entire music library as an Excel spreadsheet, click below!

HONORS CHORUS Elementary Library

HONORS CHORUS Secondary Library

If you have any questions please contact us at

Theater, Music, Dance, and other performing arts 

  • Order free rental risers, stage with steps, flooring, and chairs for your performances!
  • Save money on printed programs! Contact the Print Shop for guidelines, pricing, and advice to make your program shine.

Elementary Science Teachers

What's in Your Science Kit? Check out these unpacking videos by grade and semester.


Complete the Teacher Transfer Moving Assistance form and we'll provide you with moving assistance when you transfer to another school. Please note that DMM does not provide boxes. When you anticipate a move, you should begin saving boxes from copier paper and other sources. 

Here are tips from the Help Desk to help you with the digital part of your move.