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Survey Questions for the Next MCPS Editorial Summit

With 211 schools and many central services offices, the number of MCPS employees who write correspondence and other documents lies in the hundreds; and the breadth of that work is formidable. Grammar and writing-style standards may tend to be inconsistent, which adversely affects the perception of MCPS as a credible organization of educators.

The purpose of The Editorial Summit is to give participants some tools and resources to help you do your work more confidently. I know this is particularly relevant in these times, as we have lost most of our copy editors and the valuable services they offered.

Help us make the next event a success by answering these questions:

What topics, related to your work, would you like us to address at the next Editorial Summit?

What else would keep you engaged (other than an appearance by Beyoncé)? For example, food, TED Talk, or a round of Q and A.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. We want to make the next summit a memorable one for you.


Tip of the Month

Answer to another question from a reader

Enquire vs. Inquire:  Either spelling can be used. However, 

  • enquire is preferred for the general sense of “ask,” and 
  • inquire is used when “making a formal investigation.”


Word of the Month

Spelunker: (Noun). An explorer of caves. The word designates an explorer of caves and is used mostly in American English.

Last summer, Mike joined a group of spelunkers on a trip to explore the caves of Morocco.


As always, when in doubt, check it out! Contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (



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