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Word of the Month

Detritus: Waste or debris, rubble; decomposed organic matter, rocks and sand from erosion.

The roads were impassable; they were cluttered with detritus after the storm.

Tip of the Month

Simple Shortcuts to Make Work Easier

Use shortcuts and spend less time composing in Microsoft Word and Excel. Some of them you already know. Start using the ones you do not know.

Shortcuts without using your mouse:

 Move right (within a table or a form)


 Move left (within a table or a form)

 Tab + shift

 Move down (within a table or a form)


 Move up (within a table or a form)

 Enter + shift 

 Display print menu

 Ctrl + p


 Ctrl + s

 Create a new worksheet

 Ctrl + n 

 Undo an action

 Ctrl + z


 Ctrl + y


 Ctrl + x


 Ctrl + c


 Ctrl + v

 Switch between open applications/files 

 Alt + tab


 Ctrl + i


Font Options (with text selected):


 Ctrl+2 or Ctrl + b 







 Font drop-down list 


 Hide rows


 Hide columns


 Unhide rows


 Unhide columns


 Select line

 Shift + 3 clicks

 Select files

 Shift + click


When in doubt, contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (Donna_M_Marks@mcpsmd.org)
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