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Here we explore topics related to writing and grammar from time to time; and we encourage you to send us your feedback, contributions, and suggestions for topics to explore.


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This story about a mix-up highlights the importance of verifying your information before sending out your message.

Does the U.S. have too many Springfields? Some are saying yes after a tragic mix-up last week involving two different Springfields and Trader Joe’s.

On Thursday, a newspaper in Springfield, MO, wrote that a Trader Joe’s was opening in the city after a TJ’s spokesperson confirmed “plans to open a new store in Springfield.” But shortly after, the spokesperson had to apologize, saying she thought the paper was in Springfield, VA, where the store is actually opening, in a major disappointment to the Missouri Springfieldians who had long requested a Trader Joe’s.

This saga offers an opportunity to point out that Springfield is not the most common city name in the US. That would be Franklin, followed by Clinton, Madison, and Washington in a three-way tie for second, per the USPS.—Neal Freyman, Dave Lozo


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