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is copyright a little fuzzy?

Copyright and Fair Use

What is Copyright?

Copyright is designed to protect the rights of both owners and users in order to promote creativity and innovation.
—Renee Hobbs, Ed.D., Professor, Harrington School, University of Rhode Island

More information on copyright.

What is Fair Use?

  • Fair use in copyright practices promotes both the rights of the creator of a work and rights of the user to access the work.
  • Fair use allows you to freely use copyrighted work for criticism, research, imitation, reporting, comparison, and learning. It also requires that you are able to defend your use of the work.

More information on Fair Use.


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The Copyright Act of 1976. This stands as the most comprehensive law on copyright protection and fair use. The fair use defense to copyright infringement was coded for the first time in Section 107 of the Copyright Act [], Chapter 1: Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright, p. 19.

Renee Hobbs, Harrington School, University of Rhode Island
Twitter: @reneehobbs

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