Return or Replace Items

Need to return or replace an item from the contracts (bid) list? Contact the supplier, using the Supplier Contact Directory

REMAN Toner Returns

To return remanufactured toner cartridges, please follow instructions on the Return Policies.

Replace Warehouse Items

Replace Missing or Defective Warehouse Items

How to Replace Missing Warehouse Items:

1. Review the Shipping List to verify that the items are missing from the order.

2. Make a copy of the Shipping List and indicate in writing the missing items.

3. Email the Shipping List with noted missing items to 

4. The missing items will be sent to you.

How to Replace Defective Warehouse Items:

1. Review the Shipping List to verify the defective item's order number.

2. Make a copy of the Shipping List and indicate in writing the defective item.

3. PONY the item and Shipping List and email a copy to

* If the item is too large or heavy for PONY pickup then please fax the Shipping List to 301-279-4998 with a written request for the item to be picked up and replaced.

4. The defective item will be replaced.


Return Warehouse Items

Return Supply Warehouse Items for Credit

Return Procedure:

1. Review Shipping List to verify receipt within the last year.

2. Make a copy of the shipping list and indicate the items being returned for credit. Include the number of boxes or envelopes being returned.

3. Place the completed form inside the box/envelope.

4. Remember to number the boxes/envelopes (1 of 1... etc.)

5. Return to the Supply Warehouse via the PONY.

Important Notes:

Only return full units for credit.

Include a copy of the Shipping List to ensure a speedy credit of items returned.

For returns that are too large for PONY pick up, send a copy of the shipping list to the Warehouse and write "Pick Up" on the copy. Indicate items to be returned for credit.

Credit may not be issued for items not returned during the same fiscal year as when received. This is due to vendor product and/or price changes.

If you have other questions or need more information, please contact your Customer Service Representative (CSR).

Click Here for a complete list of Customer Service Representatives by school.

Return/Replace Staples Items

For Damaged, Incorrect, or Missing Staples Items:

 Log into the MCPS Business Hub and open the Staples Punch-out icon

  • Next to the shopping cart icon, click the person icon and select "My Orders"
  • Type the order number associated with the item you would like to return
  • Click the Return an item button
  • Follow the online instructions to return an item *return items must be in their original packaging
    • Select the item(s) and quantity to be returned
    • Choose the appropriate reason for the return
    • Click submit return *Before you click the Submit return button, fill in the total number of boxes to be returned right above the Submit return button
  • Staples will send a courier to pick up the returned items

Please Note:

  • If an incorrect item is received, item must be returned in resalable condition.
  • A Staples driver will pick up your returns.
  • You will receive credit once the return is processed by Staples