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Science Kit BalanceMaking the Most of Your Science Kit

Please click on the image below that matches your grade/semester. This will download a video demonstration of what is in your science kit, and suggestions for how to use it within the current curriculum. More videos will be posted as they become available.

Note: The downloaded files are Windows Media (wmv) files; depending upon your media player, you may be taken to the XBox video page briefly before your video starts.

First Semester

Kindergarten (Semester 1)

Kindergarten Semester 1

Grade 1 (Semester 1)

Grade 1 Semester 1

Grade 2 (Semester 1)

Sci Kit Gr2 Sem1

Grade 3 (Semester 1)

Sci Kit Gr3 Sem1

Grade 4 (Semester 1)

Sci Kit Gr4 Sem1

Grade 5 (Semester 1)

Sci Kit Gr5 Sem1


Second Semester

Kindergarten (Semester 2)

K Sem2

Grade 1 (Semester 2)

Gr1 Sem2

Grade 2 (Semester 2)

Gr2 Sem2

Grade 3 (Semester 2)

Gr3 Sem2

Grade 4 (Semester 2, Marking Period 3)

Gr4 MP3  

Grade 4 (Semester 2, Marking Period 4)

Gr4 MP4

Grade 5 (Semester 2, Marking Period 3)

Gr5 MP3  

Grade 5 (Semester 2, Marking Period 4)

Gr5 MP4