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Order Supplies

Order Supplies through the MCPS Business HUB

The MCPS Business HUB is home to our stores: Warehouse, Main General Store, and Office Depot. 

Need help using the HUB? Visit the MCPS Business HUB for links to tutorials, PDO classes, and quick tips.



Announcement: the NEW WAREHOUSE QUESTION dropbox is HERE!!!

You can now get help with your order or any other warehouse questions by emailing us at:

View and download our Warehouse Excel Catalog.
Items in the Warehouse Catalog are stored on-site at our Warehouse at Lincoln Center in Rockville.

NOTE: If your catalog does not download and open in Excel automatically, it may be your browser settings! For more about this, please seethe HUB guide: Using the Warehouse Excel Catalog.


  • To order items not in our Warehouse Catalog, please see our other MCPS stores in the MCPS Business HUB

***NOTE: Warehouse catalog prices may differ from prices published on the HUB in some cases. Please use HUB pricing as the correct pricing as you budget for your purchases.***

  •  For tips on sorting and searching an Excel file, visit this quick tutorial

Main General Store

  • Not in the Warehouse? The Main General Store probably has what you need. The Main General Store includes items that are in the warehouse, as well items that are available through contracted bids.  
  • Check the list of contract summaries, or bids, that our Procurement Unit has secured. Or, login to the MCPS Business HUB and search the Main General Store.

 Office Depot

  • Per a bid with MCPS, prices are discounted up to 45% (sometimes more) off catalog pricing. Catalogs are distributed to schools and offices each year. The Office Depot store in the HUB includes those items on bid with MCPS at the discounted prices.
  • Employee Discount! Office Depot offers a discount to MCPS employees to use in retail stores as well as online! Register on the Office Depot Customer Login page with your own personal username and password and enjoy savings online right away! Download an Employee Purchasing Card for use at Office Depot stores.

Still haven’t found what you need? You'll want to order with a Non-Catalog Request. Visit the Procurement Unit site for links to all contract (bid) items and vendor lists.

Early Ordering

Each spring is Early Ordering season. We have the resources you need for successful ordering.

Quick Links to Other Materials

 Item not in the HUB? Try these quick links for more information or to place an order.

Non-Catalog request, subscription, radios, tech products, and more? Visit the Procurement Unit for more information on these and other topics.


Need to return an item? See Returns for instructions to return items ordered through the Warehouse, Office Depot, or non-catalog requests.

Order Recycled (Remanufactured) Ink and Toner 

Don't blow up your printer! Be sure you order the correct cartridge for your specific printer model. Check the contract summary for Remanufactured Toner Cartridges before you buy. Once you know the right cartridge to order, place your order through FMS. Search "REMAN" for the list of available cartridges.

Services & Property Management

Services & Property Management

We can help you get barcodes and track inventory of equipment, or check your postage account. If you can’t find what you need in these quick links, drop us a line at