TI-83 and TI-83 Plus Calculator Repairs 

Calculator Repair Tips

Before you submit a request for calculator repairs, please note that we offer repair support on the TI-83 and TI-83 PLUS models only. But many times, restoring a calculator to useful service is an easy fix! Please find some hints below that may help you get your calculator back in working condition without the need for sending it out. Repairing your own calculator saves time and money; not to mention the satisfaction of a job well done! Simply follow these steps and you may discover the problem and how to fix it. 

  1. First, turn on the calculator to make sure that it has power.
  2. If you turn it on and the screen is blank or all black, adjust the contrast to make the screen lighter or darker and see if this resolves the problem.
  3. Replace the batteries if the screen is still blank after adjusting the contrast. You will need four AAA batteries. (Warehouse item #0611705)
  4. You may try attempting repair yourself. See Repair Instructions for TI-83 Calculators.
  5. If the screen is still blank or all black, we're happy to help! Please complete the calculator repair form below and follow the instructions for sending your calculators to us. 
  6. Note that many calculators are not reparable, particularly those with broken or deteriorating screens (showing black areas). However, we are happy to evaluate any calculator you send our way.

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