JOIN the BLUE BAG postage program
and ALWAYS get the BEST POSTAGE RATE for your regular mail!

Blue Bag Postage Program

Never need stamps again! Blue Bag members simply place their mail in a special BLUE postage bag. For a nominal $200.00 start-up fee (a one-time expense to cover the cost of bags and postage machine supplies), we'll stamp your mail for you and charge your school's Instructional Materials account.

Not sure if your school is already a member? Email Elle Dimond to check your membership status.

To JOIN, just send us an application (see below)! 


VIEW Blue Bag charges anytime on the MCPS Business HUB!

Charges to your BLUE BAG ACCOUNT will be automatically deducted through the HUB from your school's Instructional Materials account. At this time, deductions must come from the school's the Instructional Materials account--there is no option to deduct from another account.

You can monitor activity on your Blue Bag Account by setting up a Account Budget Manager for your Blue Bag account on the Hub: How to Set Up an Account Budget Manager for Your Blue Bag Account

QUESTIONS about Blue Bag? Please email Elle Dimond, communications support specialist, DMM, or call 301-279-3348.

To APPLY for MEMBERSHIP: please use our online form below.

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