Blue Bag Postage Program

There are two steps to becoming a member of the Blue Bag Postage Program. First, you must complete and submit the following membership form. Then, you must remit a $200 start-up fee (a one-time expense to cover the cost of bags and postage machine supplies) through FMS.

Please use account number 01.35102.000.10.503068.000000.0000.0000.00 when transferring funds in FMS to the Blue Bag Postage account. Click Here for instructions. It is very important that you include your school name and the term 'Blue Bag Postage' in the journal entry description field to be sure that the funds are credited to the correct Blue Bag member!


Checking your balance

During the year, you'll want to check your postage balance to make sure you have the correct amount of funds. See our 2-minute Quick Tutorial about checking your balance from the DMM web site.

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