JOIN the BLUE BAG postage program
and ALWAYS get the BEST POSTAGE RATE for your regular mail!

Blue Bag Postage Program

Never need stamps again! Blue Bag members simply place their mail in a special BLUE postage bag. For a nominal $200.00 start-up fee (a one-time expense to cover the cost of bags and postage machine supplies), we'll stamp your mail for you and keep track of your postage costs. Pay when it's convenient by JV transfer.

Not sure if your school is already a member? Email Elle Dimond to check your membership status.

To JOIN, just send us an application (see below)! After you receive your membership welcome, you may activate your Blue Bag account with a JV transfer of $200. This is a one-time expense to cover the cost of bags and postage machine supplies. That's it! You can start using the service immediately!

To do a JV transfer into your Blue Bag account, please use:


To be sure your payment is credited correctly, please include YOUR SCHOOL NAME and put "BLUE BAG POSTAGE" in the journal entry description field. 

For complete information about JV transfers into Blue Bag, Click Here



During the year, you'll want to check your postage balance to make sure you have the correct amount of funds. Note that recent JV tansfers may not immediately appear in the portal--but don't worry! Your Blue Bag postage will be processed in the meantime!

QUESTIONS about your portal balance? Please email Elle Dimond or call us at 301-279-3348.

Visit our Quick Tutorial to learn how to use the portal. 

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