FY20 Early Ordering
is May 13, 2019 through June 21, 2019!

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Schedule PDO dates for Early Ordering at the CTI  

FY20 Early Ordering Reminders & Checking Out in FMS  

FY20 Quick Guide Cards for FMS Ordering  


General Topics

Auto Delivery Supply List 

Bookbinding Services  

Contract Summaries (Bids)


Textbooks, Reading & Instructional Materials  

Warehouse Catalog (Excel version)Search and sort with links to images.

Warehouse Catalog Illustrated (searchable with images) - under construction!

Water Cooler Rental & Bottled Water  


Non-Catalog Requests (NCR)

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Many guides and tutorials for ordering through FMS are available on the Financial Management System web site.

Need help with Excel files and catalogs? Check out this quick tutorial on Working with Excel Files.

Adding Attachments to a Requisition

Early Ordering Checklist: Best Practices for Schools (by Debbie Camp) 

FMS Responsibilities Access Request Form

School Activity Codes

Summer 2019 Surplus Pick-up Schedule  

Summer Unpacking Assistance schedule for elementary schools    

Transfer Funds to Blue Bag Postage  

****IMPORTANT NOTE: Surplus funds in your Blue Bag account can only be tranferred back to the funding account from which they were drawn. You cannot do a JV transfer into an IAF account.

Using Contract Summaries to Search FMS

Understanding FMS Account Numbers

Understanding FMS Purchase Orders



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