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Grade 1

What your child will learn

Students in Grade 1 use mathematics to model real world situations.

  • In Unit 1, students continue to understand geometric patterns and apply that understanding to numeric patterns. Students develop number sense through a variety of strategies for counting and study addition and subtraction concepts.
  • In Unit 2, students extend their understanding of addition and subtraction concepts. Student model addition and subtraction (without regrouping) concepts using concrete objects. Students use ordinal numbers first through tenth. In addition, students study measurement by selecting a measureable attribute, choosing an appropriate unit of measurement, and determining the number of units.
  • In Unit 3, the goal is for students to refine and master basic addition and subtraction fact families through development of efficient strategies. In addition, students study, gather, organize, and display data. Students interpret the data in terms of most and least.
  • In Unit 4, students study geometric reasoning and spatial sense through interactive experiences. Students identify, represent, draw, and compare two- and three-dimensional figures using attributes of those figures. Students use their knowledge of geometry to develop an understanding of congruency and symmetry.
  • In Unit 5, students learn about money by labeling coins and knowing the value of coins. Students learn how to put the coins together (simple addition) or make change (simple subtractions). Students are introduced to fraction concepts such as a whole unit is made up of a given number of parts, and the parts of a whole must be equal. Students explore estimation and problem solving strategies.

For additional information on MCPS mathematics , please visit the Parent Guide to the Curriculum in Grade 1.

Helpful Resources

Curriculum Framework

The framework is a document showing what students will know and be able to do by the end of each grade, as related to the Maryland State Standards.

Textbook Resources

MCPS uses two resources county-wide in Grade 1:

  • "Everyday Mathematics," Everyday Learning Corporation, Copyright 2001
  • "Harcourt Math," Harcourt School Publishers, Copyright 2002
    Harcourt Math Website