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Unit 1

Unit 1 is typically an eight-week unit taught in September and October.

Unit Overview

As young mathematicians begin to learn about mathematical operations, they develop a series of strategies that help them perform the operations. Students use direct modeling strategies with fingers or physical objects, next counting strategies, and then derived number strategies. Instructional tasks in this unit include opportunities for students to develop and use these strategies as they being to learn about mathematical operations. Developing estimation strategies also helps students build number sense. Students also have opportunities to develop routines that support math instruction and to learn to form numerals.
Patterns are found in physical and geometric situations as well as in numbers. Creating, constructing, and describing patterns require problem-solving skills and constitute an important part of mathematics learning. In this unit, students continue to understand geometric patterns and apply that understanding to numeric patterns.

Parent Newsletters

Parent Newsletters for Grade 1
Informative documents with fun activities and tips to help your child learn mathematics.

Content Map

Content map for Grade 1 Unit 1 (PDF)

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