Math Curriculum K-12

In the 21st century, a deep understanding of mathematics, and the ability to apply that understanding, is more important than it has ever been. In Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), and across the country, mathematics instruction is changing to make sure we provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need for success in college and the workplace.

This website will provide you with some important information about why these changes are needed; how we are improving math instruction; what deep understanding means; and how we are working to meet the needs of all students to ensure their success.

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What Is Curriculum 2.0 Math?

In the 21st century, students must have a deep understanding of math and be able to apply that understanding in multiple ways. We want students who not only can pass tests, but appreciate the power of math and its usefulness in the real world.

Curriculum 2.0 uses the same approach as countries like Finland, South Korea, or Singapore whose students are global leaders in math and will be competing for the same jobs and opportunities as our children. Learn more... 

Why Is the Math Program Changing?

MCPS, like school districts around the country, is making changes to its mathematics program to meet the increased demands of college and the work place.

This includes implementation of the new Common Core State Standards and the need to prepare students for increased admission requirements for the University System of Maryland.

MCPS is also implementing recommendations from a group of parents, educators and community members that spent 18 months reviewing the math program. Learn more... 

How Can I Support My Child?

There are many resources available to help you learn more about the math program and support your child’s learning.

Grade Level Resources


Courses That Lead to College and Career Readiness

View the Math Curriculum Chart 

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Our goal is for students to complete Algebra 1 by grade 8 and be prepared for higher level math in high school, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Some students may need extra time and support to build a deep understanding of math. A few students may demonstrate exceptional understanding and be ready for a compacted curriculum. The roll out of Curriculum 2.0 Math is designed to ensure a smooth transition at all grade levels. Learn more... 

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