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Sheila Berlinger, Co-Supervisor, Elementary

Carla Britt, Co-Supervisor, Elementary

Jennifer Loznak, Supervisor, Secondary

Phone: 240.740.4001

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All MCPS students become mathematical thinkers and achieve success with rigorous, on grade level, mathematics.


PreK-12 Mathematics centers its vision around knowing the math and knowing the students. This is accomplished when:

  • Central and school-based administrators hold schools accountable for curriculum implementation of grade-level mathematics with integrity;
  • School-based math leaders lead effective math programs that meet the needs of all stakeholders;
  • Classroom teachers securely study the curriculum and the ongoing data collection of their students; and,
  • All students actively engage with mathematics instruction daily through discourse and productive struggle.

PreK-12 Mathematics ascribes to the equal importance of the mathematics, cognitive demand, equitable access, agency, ownership and identity, and formative assessment as essential dimensions of the effective mathematics classroom (Baldinger p.5).


The goal of PreK-12 Mathematics is to KNOW THE MATH & KNOW THE STUDENTS.


When adults deeply understand the standards they are expected to teach and the degree to which students are expected to know, they know the math. Knowing the math requires anti bias anti-racist instruction, strong instructional leadership, and effective math teaching and learning.


Know the Students: Adults deeply know the intersection assets students bring to the classroom and how to engage students with grade level standards in order to ensure equitable outcomes for all students. Knowing the students requires strategic emphasis on AntiBias/AntiRacist Education, Instructional Leadership, and Effective Mathematics Teaching and Learning.

PreK-12 Mathematics Program