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Unit 5

Unit 5 is typically a seven-week unit taught from April to June.

Unit Overview

Monetary values are assigned to objects to support a social system of exchange. For young students, learning about money begins by labeling coins and knowing the value of the coins. Once they understand the values of the coins, they learn how to put the coins together (simple addition) or to make change (simple subtractions).
Students are introduced to two key concepts about fractions. First, a whole unit is made up of a given number of parts, and, second, the parts of the whole must be equal.
Problems can be solved using several different strategies. In this section students receive instruction and opportunities to explore strategies to solve problems. Estimation is one strategy that provides an indication whether the answer to a problem seems reasonable.

Parent Newsletters

Parent Newsletters for Grade 1
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Content Map

Content map for Grade 1 Unit 5 (PDF)

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