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Unit 3

Unit 3 is typically a five-week unit taught in January and February.

Unit Overview

Refining and mastering basic addition and subtraction fact families through development of efficient strategies is a goal of this unit. Mastery of basic facts means a student gives a quick correct response without resorting to non-efficient means such as counting. Proficiency with basic facts is developed through identifying, practicing, and maintaining strategies for automatic recall of basic facts. Mastery of basic facts is essential for continued success in mathematics.
Using data instruction in kindergarten, students asked questions, collected responses, and organized class data into tallies, bar graphs, and pictographs. Students in Grade 1 build on those skills by individually gathering, organizing, and displaying data. Students interpret the data in terms of most and least. They continue developing the concept that graphs display information in a concise way. Data investigations encourage students to ask questions requiring collection of information and then make decisions on how to best display the data.

Parent Newsletters

Parent Newsletters for Grade 1
Informative documents with fun activities and tips to help your child learn mathematics.

Content Map

Content map for Grade 1 Unit 3 (PDF)

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