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Insider technology tips, resources, and information for MCPS staff, students, and parents. 

Integrating 21st Century Technologies

Would you like to integrate technology into your instruction but aren't sure where to start?  The 21st Century Interactive Classroom site on myMCPS is a helpful resource for all teachers. more 

Creating a Personal Outlook Storage Folder

Messages in Outlook are deleted after thirty days, but you can create a folder in Outlook where items can be stored until you delete them.  more 

Organizing Your Outlook Inbox by Color

This feature allows you to have messages from another Outlook user come to your Inbox in a specified color. more  

Saving Outlook Messages

Do you need to save certain emails? If you want to save an Outlook message for longer than the current 30 days that are allowed, treat the message as any other file. more  

Changing the Default Font in Word 2007

Do you want to change the default font and/or size in Word 2007, which is Calibri size 11, so you don’t have to change it each time? more  

Saving an Email Message as a Note

Did you know that email message expire in 30 days but notes never expire? You can save your important email messages as notes and have access to them whenever you need them! more  

Accessing My Documents folder from home via Webmail

Did you know you can now access your documents in your My Documents folder or T-Shared folder from you through Internet Webmail? more 

An Outlook Memory Booster

Need to remember an e-mail address or have it quickly added to your Outlook contacts? more 

Sharing Contacts

Have you ever been asked to provide detailed contact information about yourself? If you have created a contact entry in Outlook about yourself, it’s easy to share with others. more 

Adding Calendar Events to Outlook

Have you ever paged through the print copy of the MCPS Comprehensive Calendar and then entered events into your Outlook calendar? If you have, this Tech Tip will save you time! more 

Recalling or Replacing on Outlook Message

Have you ever sent an e-mail and then realized you sent it to the wrong person or that it contained incorrect information? more 

E-mail Follow-up Reminders

Have you ever read an e-mail that required a follow-up, and you just didn't have time to reply that instant...and you forgot to go back to it? more 

Mapping Outlook Contacts

Do you have a person or business in your Outlook Contacts that you need to visit? If you've entered a complete address, you can easily view a map for that location. more 

Recover Deleted Items

Need that important e-mail that you deleted a day or so ago? Don't despair; you can recover deleted items in Outlook even after the "Deleted Items" folder has been emptied. more 

Empying Trash

Tired of emptying the trash - twice? more 

E-mail from within Microsoft Word

Do you create documents in Microsoft Word and then need to e-mail them immediately? Did you know you can e-mail a document while working in Word? more 

Automatic Response to Incoming Messages

If you know you are going to be away from school or the office and unable to check e-mail, turn on the "Out of Office Assistant" feature in Microsoft Outlook. more 

Documents to go

If you find browsing for a document to attach to an e-mail labor intensive, this tech tip is for you. You can send a single attachment directly from the Microsoft Office applications Word, PowerPoint or Excel. more 

Sending to a Group Within a School

Would you like to send an email to multiple people in a school, but don’t need or want to create a distribution list? more 

Organizing Your Inbox

Did you know you can have mail messages automatically file themselves in folders you create? You can do this by creating a rule for certain messages. more 

Creating Shortcuts

Would you like a shortcut for certain phrases that you use frequently when typing? more 

The Drag of Dragging

If you have a hard time clicking and dragging to highlight text, this tech tip is for you. more 

The Sticky that Keeps on Sticking

Are you tired of having sticky notes all over your desk? If so, use the notes feature in Outlook to store that hard to remember information. more