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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

About the IAQ Team

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) team within the Division of Sustainability and Compliance (DSC) focuses on identifying and resolving IAQ concerns reported by school staff and students. A combination of more than 60 years experience in IAQ investigations and access to skilled trades workers within the Division of Maintenance and Operations means that sources of problems are quickly found and resolved so that good IAQ is restored and maintained. MCPS employees or parents can submit IAQ-related complaints for any school, office, or support facility using the IAQ Complaint Form. Once the complaint is investigated, a response plan is developed, which may tap into resources from other DSC teams, the Division of Maintenance and Operations, or on-call contractors. Suspect problems are investigated, and a response plan usually involves groups across the Office of Facilities Management (OFM).

Reporting IAQ Problems

The IAQ team addresses problems related to indoor environmental conditions at all MCPS facilities. Examples of such problems include health concerns associated with building or room conditions, unusual odors, moisture issues, and suspected mold growth. MCPS staff and parents of students are able to report their concerns using the form linked below. The indoor air quality complaint is the first step in a potential three-phase process: 

1.   The concern is reported via MCPS Form 230-23,
2.   building service staff should then complete the IAQ checklist (MCPS Form 230-24), and
3.   the IAQ team investigates the complaint(s).

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