The School Energy and Recycling Team (SERT) program provides necessary resources to staff and students at all Montgomery County Public Schools to help foster a culture of environmental conservation. The special focus of the program is energy efficiency and recycling participation. Classroom activities, educational resources, and various contests provide our students with rich and rewarding experiences in environmental stewardship.

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Use light switch covers as conservation reminders

October is Energy Action Month. Looking for ideas to celebrate?  To check out the all the great tabling events, games, and presentations for students, teachers, Green Teams, and PTAs, click here.

Delamping is one strategy to reduce electricity consumption, when appropriate. Read our Best Practices to identify spaces you could delamp and the recommended light levels that must be maintained. Light meters are available for loan to school-based Sustainability teams by emailing

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 Click to visit the DFM site                                                              SERT's telephone number is 240-314-1090