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About the Division

The Division of Maintenance and Operations (DMO) was created in 2020 when the Department of Facilities Management (DFM) underwent a significant reorganization. Two of the largest divisions within DFM, Maintenance and School Plant Operations, were merged into one cohesive unit that functions efficiently as one team to sustain high-quality learning environments. The maintenance side of the division supports student success by providing general maintenance (HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical) and repair of our facilities and the equipment located therein. The operations side of the division supports schools with preventive maintenance of systems, general maintenance (grounds care and waste removal), training for site-based building services teams, and providing substitute and short-term support for the operational needs of our schools.

cluster_map.pngThe mission of DMO is to provide a full range of maintenance and operations services that exceed customer expectations while continuing to foster long-term relationships, establishing a highly-skilled workforce, and building recognition as a leader in the K-12 industry. The vision is for the division to be a model of excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation - a model that is nationally recognized as a leader in K-12 maintenance and operations services. Maintenance and operations services are performed by staff who work out of three regional service centers (DowncountyMidcounty, and Upcounty) and one centralized specialty center (Central).


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