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The division's operations staff manage the overall budget for site-based building service staff. This includes staffing allocations, standard operational procedures, supply and equipment procurement, and training. In close collaboration with maintenance staff, operations staff provide full customer service support to MCPS facilities. Now that building services and maintenance staff are now part of the same division, small repairs can be done on site by skilled building service managers, eliminating some wait time created by the work order process. The operations facilities managers work collaboratively with the maintenance facilities managers and share office space at each of the three regional service centers (Downcounty, Midcounty, and Upcounty). These managers oversee the work of the service center's general maintenance shop, which provides grounds maintenance, field mowing, playground equipment repair, graffiti removal trash removal, snow plowing, tree trimming, excavation, and other services. They also manage the preventive maintenance (PM) team members who perform PM tasks at all MCPS locations. PM specialists and technicians replace HVAC filters and ceiling tiles, inspecting roofs and building exteriors, and other critical tasks. Operations managers care for all matters that are related to-

  • budget (e.g., requests for HLA or overtime, custodial and equipment supplies),
  • maintenance * (general and preventive maintenance), and
  • staffing (e.g. helping to provide coverage for long-term staffing shortages, recommendations for BSM and BSAM openings). 

Centralized building services staff members and preventive maintenance team members who work out of a regional service center typically follow the standard service center work hours (6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.). Site-based building services teams typically work either the first shift (6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) or the second shift (2:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.). Click here to see the general tasks that building service staff perform.

Click here to find your school's service center. 

Click here to learn more about training for building service staff. 

* Note that the school's building service staff are always responsible for basic maintenance of their school grounds. 

Healthy, High Performance Cleaning Program


The Division of Maintenance and Operations is committed to providing a healthy facility environment that is conducive to student learning, and employee productivity. We also recognize our social responsibility to protect natural resources for future generations. As a result of this commitment to students, staff and the environment, DMO has a "green" Healthy, High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) program.

Community Use of Public Facilities

The division works very closely with Montgomery County's CUPF team to provide building service coverage for community events. Click here for relevant CUPF information.