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Strategic Plan and Linkages Chart

Download the SERT Strategic Plan  

Download the SERT Linkages Chart (FY15-FY20)




SERT’s Mission Statement

The School Energy and Recycling Team (SERT) program provides support to significantly reduce energy and natural resource consumption and increase recycling participation systemwide through:

  • Sustainability training and education
  • Incentives, recognition, and awards
  • Accessible energy and recycling data
  • Customized energy and environmental conservation programs and learning opportunities
  • Conservation operations and procedures


Vision Statement

To be a global model of sustainability by actively engaging in innovative energy and environmental programs.


Our Values


We believe that respect for all opinions and individuals is the foundation to building strong relationships and adds value to the success of the SERT program.

Therefore, we will respect all contributions, provide good will, act professionally, listen actively, and welcome open communication with our customers, partners and stakeholders realizing that collectively we can achieve more.


We believe that collaboration by building relationships and partnerships is vital and the key to achieving a successful systemwide conservation program.

Therefore, we will seek to understand and commit to building professional relationships with our customers, partners and stakeholders to provide the necessary resources to achieve program objectives.


We believe that conservation and environmental sustainability is equally important to all regardless of racial, cultural and ethnic diversity that is represented in MCPS.

Therefore, we will embrace the diversity of the SERT program staff, MCPS staff, students, partners and stakeholders and leverage upon the wealth of experiences to effectively implement the conservation initiatives and celebrate that diversity through our posters, presentations and activities.


We believe that setting, maintaining, providing high standards and exceptional customer service is essential to our success.

Therefore, we will actively model exemplary behavior, embrace new ideas and perspectives, adhere to the highest ethical standards and provide exceptional customer service.


We believe that our program is focused on engaging students, staff and the community to foster a lifelong commitment to environmental sustainability and conserving natural resources.

Therefore, we are committed to promoting, raising awareness, sharing resources and providing learning opportunities towards achieving a balanced environmentally sustainable future.