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General Information for Coaches

Coaching Information Packet

Coaches are responsible for reviewing and being knowledgeable on the following items that are contained in the Athletics section of the MCPS website:

Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines for Coaches

Middle and high school coaches are accountable for adhering to rules, regulations, and guidelines contained in the:

  • MCPS High School Athletics Handbook or MCPS Middle School Athletics Handbook with special emphasis on the Coaching Information and Standards and Schedules sections.
  • Applicable NFHS Rules Book
  • Athletics section of the MCPS website

High school coaches are also accountable for adhering to rules, regulations, and guidelines contained in the:

Varsity coaches are responsible for the entire program and must communicate county wide expectations to all team personnel, including junior varsity and assistant coaches, volunteer coaches, and players.

MCPS Training Information for Non-Employee Coaches

Non-Employee Volunteer Coaches must complete the “Online Training for Volunteers/Contractors: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect”. Once a coach has completed this training, they will receive a confirmation number, the date the training was completed and the confirmation number need to be reported to the Athletics Specialist to record in the Athletic Certification and Compliance (Coaches Database). More complete information about this training is available on the MCPS Child Abuse and Neglect webpage. For additional support, please click here. Volunteer Coaches must complete this training annually! 

Non-Employee Stipend Coaches will complete the MCPS Compliance Training using the myMCPS Classroom system. Below are the directions and information for how these coaches can access the training. Supports have been put in place to assist coaches throughout the process including “Forget Password” links and access to the “Help Desk”. The compliance training contains the 11 MCPS Compliance Training standard modules, the required the required Diabetes Awareness Training for Coaches and Athletic Trainers PowerPoint, and the optional Level 2 Diabetes Training: How to Administer Glucagon course. A Non-Employee Stipend Coach meets compliance once they have completed the 12 required training modules. The process for Non-Employee Stipend Coaches is as follows: 

  • ADs will provide a link to their non-employee coaches.
  • Non-employee coaches will follow these directions or use this more comprehensive support guide to create their account and enroll in the course.
  • The MCPS Athletics Unit will monitor progress of course and upon completion, updated the information within their database.  Coaches may also always take a screenshot or document the completion of their modules and training and provide that information to their Athletic Director who may choose to record the date of completion in the database.

Additional Information and Guidelines

Additional information for coaches including information about the different types of stipend coaches, certification requirements, selection priority, volunteer coaches, consultants, coaching restrictions and Supporting Services Personnel as coaches.

Forms and Additional Resources for Coaches