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Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) partners with MedStar Health to deliver an innovative sports medicine program, which includes a full-time certified athletic trainer in each of our 25 high schools. In addition, MedStar Health physicians and sports medicine clinicians provide medical oversight and support for school-based athletic trainers throughout the school year. 

Sports Medicine in MCPS Athletics: An Innovative Model with MedStar Health




MedStar Health is proud to be the official sports medicine partner of MCPS and is committed to keeping school sports safe. Should an unfortunate injury occur, MedStar Health works alongside your MCPS Athletic Trainer to support their needs and provide fast-tracked care with our sports medicine experts, the same ones who treat the pros! MedStar Health has cared for numerous professional teams in the region for years and they are pleased to provide MCPS with the same level of elite care and education. MedStar Health is proud to be a resource for the MCPS Athletic Trainers and their communities.They are here for you, when you need them. 

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