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The MCPS interscholastic athletics program is administered by the Director of Systemwide Athletics, Dr. Jeffrey K. Sullivan, the Compliance Coordinator, Ms. Anne Rossiter, the Health and Safety Coordinator, Mr. Shawn Hendi, the Operations Coordinator, Mr. Bryan Walker, and the Outreach and Development Coordinator, Ms. Kathy Green.  The office staff includes athletics administrative secretary, Ms. Robin McCue .

The MCPS Department of Athletics organization chart can be found here.

The interscholastic athletics program at each high school is administered by the Principal and Athletics Specialist.

The interscholastic athletics program at each middle school is administered by the Principal and Athletic Coordinator.

Officials are recruited and assigned by independent Officiating Associations.

Carver Educational Service Center
850 Hungerford Drive
Room 174
Rockville, Maryland 20850
(240) 740- 5650

What We Believe

In alignment with our R.A.I.S.E. core values, the MCPS Department of Athletics serves to offer safe and equitable education-based athletic opportunities for all. We strive to amplify antiracist values, behaviors, policies, and procedures while promoting an atmosphere of inclusion expected of all stakeholders to support the success of students in the classroom, community and realm of competition.

Core Values (RAISE)

Respect & Sportsmanship
Academic Excellence
Integrity & Character
Spirited & Safe Competition
Equity & Access

What We Do

The MCPS Interscholastic Athletics Program includes participation opportunities at 25 high schools and 40 middle schools. Approximately 23,000 student-athletes participate annually on the high school level, 5,000 on the middle school level. The high school program includes competition in 20 sports or activities, with 31 varsity teams and 13 junior varsity teams per high school – over 1,000 teams systemwide. The middle school program includes competition in four sports, seven teams per school, for students in grades seven and eight.

The comprehensive high school program includes approximately 10,000 contests scheduled per year. There were 241 MCPS teams that won team championships at the division, county, region, or state level during the 2022-23 school year, including 95 student-athletes who won individual state championships.

The MCPS High School Interscholastic Athletics Program features one of the most comprehensive sportsmanship award programs in the country, where teams and schools compete for annual sportsmanship awards. The annual Sportsmanship Award is the most coveted of MCPS athletics awards.