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Sportsmanship is a primary mission of the MCPS interscholastic athletics program. The R.A.I.S.E. core values of the MCPS athletics program teach and reinforce respect and sportsmanship, academic excellence, integrity and character, spirited and safe competition and equity and access. It is expected that spectators reinforce these values by exhibiting appropriate behavior at athletic events. A condition of entry into an MCPS athletic event is that all spectators agree to recognize the event as an extension of the learning process and that all present have the responsibility to model appropriate behavior. The event is a unique opportunity for spectators to be a part of a positive and productive learning environment and to model behavior appropriate to a public school setting.


APPLAUD student-athletes for their efforts

ACCEPT the decisions of officials and coaches

APPRECIATE all participants for their commitment

SUPPORT school personnel in conducting a spirited and safe contest

MAINTAIN composure when breaks seem to go against your team

RESPECT the rights of other spectators

REWARD sportsmanlike behavior through cheering

FOCUS attention on the positive aspects of competition

ENCOURAGE student-athletes by showing enthusiasm & positive recognition

DEMONSTRATE concern for the safety and welfare of student-athletes

REPORT any negative or discriminatory comments or behaviors to school personnel — SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!



The students competing are not professional athletes. They will make errors during the course of competition, as will game officials and coaches. However, all participants are exhibiting their highest degree of effort and commitment to excellence. Negative criticism and booing will not help them to improve and are unacceptable forms of expression. Additionally, comments that are discriminatory in any manner are unacceptable and should be reported immediately to school personnel. As spectators, you can assist in the development of student-athletes by focusing attention on the positive aspects of their performance. Your cooperation is important and is appreciated.  Sportsmanship Expectations Posters are posted at middle and high school athletic events.

MCPS will present Sportsmanship Awards in each sport to varsity teams whose spectators and team personnel best exhibit positive sportsmanship over the course of the season. Rating sheets are used at games or contests to evaluate various categories relating to sportsmanship. Game officials, administrators and athletics specialists (or designees) are asked to complete and submit the rating sheets. The ratings are summarized and the teams receiving the highest ratings over the course of a season are the “winners” of the Sportsmanship Award for that sport. The school whose teams have won the greatest number of Sportsmanship Awards over the course of the year are declared the winner of the William "Duke" Beattie Sportsmanship Award.

Past Winners:

2022-2023 - Sherwood

2021-2022 – Thomas S. Wotton

2018-2019 – Sherwood

2017-2018 – Northwest

2016-2017 – Northwest

2015-2016 – Seneca Valley

2014-2015 – Clarksburg

2013-2014 – Northwest and Seneca Valley (Tie)

2012-2013 – Quince Orchard

2011-2012 – Blake

2010-2011 – Clarksburg

2009-2010 – Rockville

2008-2009 – Paint Branch

2007-2008 – Blake

2006-2007 – Magruder

2005-2006 – Northwest

2004-2005 – Northwest

2003-2004 – Blake

2002-2003 – Blake