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Corollary Sports 

MCPS offers three varsity interscholastic corollary sports. The goal of corollary sports is to increase interscholastic athletics participation opportunities for all students, in particular students with disabilities. An important goal of corollary teams is to achieve an approximately even ratio of participants with and without disabilities. Corollary sports include Team Handball in the fall, Bocce in the winter and Allied Softball in the spring.


Schedules will be determined and posted just prior to the start of each season. Schedules cannot be made until there is a reasonable degree of certainty regarding which schools will have enough interested students to field teams. Schedules will be available on the MCPS County Sports Zone website.


MCPS has established rules for each corollary sport. Team Handball rules are primarily based on rules established by the International Handball Federation (IHF), with modifications appropriate for MCPS students and facilities. For Bocce, MCPS follows United States Bocce Federation (USBF) rules and Special Olympics rules, with minor modifications. For Allied Softball, National Federation Slow Pitch Softball rules shall apply, with certain modifications and exceptions. MCPS rules for corollary sports are as follows:

Additional Information for Coaches

MBLOA Bocce Training Video: