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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I enroll my child in school?

Enrollment is done in person at your child’s home school. You must bring proof of age, identity, county residency and immunizations. If your child has previously attended school you should bring a copy of their latest report card. 

Enrollment Information

What school should my child go to?

To find your child’s home school, call the Boundary Information Line at (240) 314-4710. You will be asked to provide your home address. 

School Assignment Locator 

How do I transfer my child to a different school? 

Parents who wish to have their child transferred to a different school must fill out the Change of School Assignment Form. The form must be turned in at your child’s home school. Requests will then be approved or denied by a field office.

Change of School Assignment Booklet & Form

School Transfers

Is my child eligible for a Pre-K or Head Start program?

Prekindergarten/Head Start programs are available for children who will be four years old by September 1st and whose families meet income eligibility requirements. There are also limited spaces available for eligible children who will be three years old by September 1st. For more information please call 301-230-0676.

Prekindergarten and Head Start Program Enrollment and Registration Information

Division of Early Childhood Programs and Services

How do I sign up for adult education classes?

Adult education/GED classes are conducted through Montgomery College instead of MCPS.

Montgomery College Workforce Development and Continuing Education

I am coming to Montgomery County from another country, how can I enroll my child?

You should contact the International Student Admissions Office at 301-230-0686. International students may enroll at any time.

Residency and International Admissions

How can I learn about special programs (magnet schools, language immersion programs, etc.) for my child?

A guide to the county’s special programs is available. Questions about these programs may be directed to the Department of Enriched and Innovative Instruction at 301-279-8529.

Special Programs

How do I locate before and after school care for my child?

MCPS does not offer before and after-care. You can locate child care through the Maryland Child Care Resource Network or by calling 301-279.1773. Some organizations rent space at individual schools; contact your school to see if programs are being held there.   

Maryland Child Care Resource Network

How can I find Student Service Learning opportunities for my child?

You can find pre-approved Student Service Learning opportunities through Montgomery County’s Volunteer Center.    

Montgomery County Volunteer Center Database

Student Service Learning (SSL)

How do I arrange for support for my child with special needs?

You can contact the Department of Special Education at (240) 740-3900. 

Special Education Information

I need to have my child tested for a learning disability, how do I do that?

You can contact the office of your child’s home school.

Special Education Information

How do I get a copy of my child's records?

If your child is a current MCPS student or if they graduated within the last year, their records are held at their school . If they graduated more than one year ago, you can contact the Central Records Office at 301-320-7301.

Central Records Office

I am having trouble working with my child’s school, who should I contact?

To resolve school-related issues, it is important to first contact your child’s teacher or counselor directly. If you are unable to achieve a resolution, contact the school’s administration. If you are still having difficulties, you may contact the Community Superintendent who oversees the school. 

Community Superintendent

Are schools closed today because of weather issues (snow, ice, etc.)?

School closing information will be posted to the front page of the school system’s web site [website] as soon as it is available. You can call 301-279-3673 for a recorded message. Information will also be provided to local media.

MCPS Home Page

Emergency Information

There has been an incident at or near my child’s school, what should I do?

Please call ASK MCPS at 301-279-3100; they will provide you with any available information. Information may also be posted to the MCPS web page.

Emergency Preparedness

How can I volunteer with my child’s school?

You can volunteer by contacting your child’s school directly. Other volunteer opportunities may be available through the Department of Family and Community Partnerships. You can reach DFCP at 301-279-3100.


How can I donate equipment or supplies to the schools?

Please contact the Department of Materials Management at 301-279-3348. 

Materials Management

Who should I contact with an issue about the school bus?

Please contact the Department of Transportation at 301-840-8140.

Department of Transportation

How do I rent space at a school?

Facilities rental is handled by the Montgomery County government’s Interagency Coordinating Board (ICB). You can contact ICB at 240-777-2702.


How do I locate a particular MCPS employee?

You can find locate specific employees or offices using the Staff Directory.