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Trials: The AT Cycle

Technology Trial Period


Before investing time and money into a particular piece of technology, teams should conduct a short trial period to ensure that the tool will be effective for the student. The trial should be set up in such a way as to yield measurable outcomes that correlate to increased student learning or access to the curriculum.


Use the Trial Period Form  to plan a trial period and document the effectiveness of the tool.

MATN's AT Resources Chart

Lists of strategies for each curriculum area arranged from low-tech to high-tech help you consider the options based on a student's needs.

MCPS staff members may request assistance from HIAT to:

  • Review a completed SETT form and suggest appropriate tools to try
  • Answer questions about the features of software and hardware tools
  • Request a loan of software or hardware to try before buying

Learn More about Trialing AT

See what a completed Trial Period form might look like.