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Considering Assistive Technology

Below are some resources to help you consider and document the need for Assistive Technology for a student.

What is involved in making decisions about assistive technology (AT) for students? 

The process of choosing and implementing AT requires more than consideration. You must also put your conclusions to the test to make sure they are sound. Once you have made determinations about AT for a student, you need to make sure those solutions are implemented. If you work with students with disabilities, the resources below will help you through the steps of this process.

MCPS Assistive Technology Guide  

The most updated version of the MCPS AT Guide can always be found in the linked folder.

SETT Framework

The SETT framework provides a lens for considering AT by examining:

  • Student’s abilities and needs
  • Environments in which the student needs help
  • Tasks which are difficult for the student to accomplish
  • Tools that may be useful to accomplish the identified task. More 

Technology Trial Period

Once the team has considered the needs of the student, they should choose and trial a specific tool or strategy to ensure that it benefits the student. More 

AT Implementation

After a trial period, the team will have a good sense of what needs to be put in place for this student. It's important to make a plan to implement the technology tool. More