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Implementation: The AT Cycle

implement stepping stone AT Implementation

If the trial period is successful, then the student should continue using the AT. Teams should not overlook the importance of putting an implementation plan in place, however. Just becuase a student is using a tool now, does not mean that his other teachers will know how to support its use in other classes.

Now that the tool is determined to be useful, you might need to make a plan to expand its use across other subject areas or school environments. In most cases where an implementation plan is not in place, the usefulness of the AT strategy is short-lived.

Resources for Implementing AT

Use the Implementation Plan Form (doc) to plan for integrating the AT strategy into the student's day.

MCPS staff members may email with questions.

Learn More about Implementing AT

SETT and Re-SETT: Concepts for AT Implementation by Gayl Bowser and Joy Zabala

See what a completed Implementation Plan might look like.