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Leave information

Annual, Personal, Sick Leave

Yearly allotments and use of annual, personal, and sick leave are governed by your union's negotiated contract. Please see your union's contract for additional information. You will find it by visiting the Office of Employee Engagement and Labor Relations web page.

To apply for annual or personal leave for any number of days/hours, bereavement leave for 5 days or fewer for immediate family or 2 days for other family members identified as eligible in your union's contract, or all other types of leave for 4 days or fewer, please complete and submit MCPS Form 430-1A to your principal/supervisor.

To apply for leave of more than 5 days (except annual), please submit MCPS Form 430-1 with the required supporting documentation to your principal/supervisor and then to ERSC. 

In addition, if you are applying for personal illness or illness in family leave for 5 days or more, you or your physician will need to submit MCPS Form 440-35, Certification of Physician or Health Care Provider to ERSC via email. To ensure your privacy, only you or your doctor should send the form directly to ERSC. However, if you need support staff assistance in faxing or scanning the form, you may request it at your discretion.

You may not request more annual or personal leave than you have available. Your request will be denied if you ask for leave without pay.

SEIU Leave Information

Long-term Leaves of Absence*

*For all leave categories, see MCPS Form 430-1.

Additional Information

Returning from Leave

If you are on personal illness or workers’ compensation leave, be sure to submit either MCPS Form 440-40M, Return to Work Evaluation: MCEA Employees or MCPS Form 440-40S, Return to Work Evaluation: SEIU Employees to the Employee and Retiree Service Center (ERSC) prior to reporting to work. ERSC or OHRD will notify you if you are cleared to report to work (usually by e-mail sent to your MCPS Outlook account).

If your leave is 60 duty days or less, be sure to submit the form to ERSC 5 business days before you expect to return to work. If your leave has exceeded 60 duty days, submit the form to ERSC 10 business days before you expect to return. Please do not return to work until either ERSC or OHRD have notified you have been cleared and may report. 

Review health insurance information for employees returning from long-term leave.