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Grade 5

What your child will learn

Students in Grade 5 use mathematics to model real world situations.

  • In Unit 1, students extend their understanding of factors and multiples as they explore concepts such as rules of divisibility, prime and composite numbers, greatest common factor, and least common multiple. Students develop and apply their understanding of mathematical relationships to patterns and rules, functions, and coordinate graphs.
  • In Unit 2, students study geometry as it relates to points, lines, planes, and geometric properties. Students will draw and measure geometric shapes and angles.
  • In Unit 3, students explore concepts of number and operations as they read, write, and represent simple fractions, decimals, and percents. Students compare, order, and add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions and decimals. Students will compute percentages of 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 percent of a number.
  • In Unit 4, students collect and organize data using a variety of appropriate displays, including stem and leaf plots. Students compute and compare range, mean, median, and mode in order to describe a set of data.
  • In Unit 5, students develop measurement skills and explore transformational geometry. Students apply what they have learned about measurement to multi-step problems involving area, perimeter, and volume.
  • In Unit 6, students write and evaluate expressions in one variable using substitution and knowledge of number properties. Students investigate computational procedures using order of operations and number properties. Students study negative integers to represent a situation, recognize equivalence, and use inverses to solve equations. In addition, students explore experimental and theoretical probability.

For additional information on MCPS mathematics, please visit the Parent Guide to the Curriculum in Grade 5.

Helpful Resources

Curriculum Framework

The framework is a document showing what students will know and be able to do by the end of each grade, as related to the Maryland State Standards.

Textbook Resources

MCPS uses two resources county-wide in Grade 5:

  • "Everyday Mathematics," Everyday Learning Corporation, Copyright 2001
  • "Harcourt Math," Harcourt School Publishers, Copyright 2002
    Harcourt Math Website