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Career Readiness for students

Early Child Development

Is Early Child Development for You?

  • Do you enjoy working with young children?
  • Are you imaginative and creative?
  • Do you want to be part of an education team that learns to write lessons, coordinate activities, and teach preschoolers in a lab setting?
  • Do you want to develop competence in creative teaching techniques?
  • Are you ready to explore the exciting world of education?

About the Program

Learn to work with children in a variety of educational settings. Become part of an education team that uses research-based methods for developing and implementing lessons. Participate in mentored internships with professional educators. Participate in the day-to-day operations of a preschool lab program offered in many high schools.

Sample Course Plan for Early Child Development

Early Child Development Program Application Form

Sample Courses

Certifications/Awards for Completing High School Plan

  • Earn the 90+9 Clock Hours Certification recognized by the Childcare industry in the State of Maryland.

Local Colleges Offering a Continuation of the Program